While mixologists and bartenders both serve beverages, there is a big difference between the two. A bartender serves very basic drinks, such as a gin and tonic or diet coke, whereas a mixologist is able to make craft cocktails using fresh ingredients and several tools. The comparison is similar to an average cook vs. a renowned chef.

To have your event running smoothly, we usually recommend having a minimum of one mixologist for every fifty guests.

Feel free to check out our reviews on Google but we encourage you to taste for yourself!

Every mixologist at Ace has a tremendous amount of experience in the hospitality industry. Teamwork has always been important to us and we are happy to work alongside your entire team.

Absolutely! We’re very passionate about what we do and there’s nothing we love more than sharing that with others. Our mixologists aren’t just gifted mixologists but very communicative and patient teachers.

Ace Mixology was founded in July 2019, while our team has many years of experience working in cocktail bars and restaurants all over the New York area.

We specialize in creating craft cocktails with kosher certified ingredients and will work side by side with your caterer to ensure that everything is approved by the mashgiach (kashrut supervisor).

If you feel your mixologist(s) have delivered exceptional service, tips are greatly appreciated based on your level of satisfaction but by no means mandatory.

With the new movement of modern eating/drinking, we’re seeing a lot of growth in the amount of people who are trying not to consume sugar. With that being said, we have a list of delicious cocktails that are completely sugar free.

“Mocktails” or “Soft Cocktails” as we like to call them, are also increasingly growing. There are even several mocktail bars in New York. Ace is always setting trends and creating delicious virgin cocktails is definitely something we can do. We have served them at many Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s and local community events.